Sunday, September 9, 2012

Open Source, Cross Platform and Software Architects

I haven't posted in over a year, however I thought it's about time I try to get more into writing down some of my internal arguments regarding software development. I started this blog focusing on the XNA framework, which was something I was having a great time with as a hobby about a year ago, however, it's something I've had less time for lately. So, in an effort to get myself to post more often, I've change the title and purpose of this blog on a much wider range of topics on software development. So, on with what's currently occupying some of my brain space.

I am currently writing 3 blog posts about the subjects of Open Source Software, Cross-platform development, and The role of a Solution/Software Architect. I was going to just do one post with a few paragraphs on each, but as a wrote them I think they each need to be explored a bit further. Also, Now that I have posted this, I would look mighty stupid if I didn't finish them soon and left this as my last post for another 12 months :).

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